Here's what I'm currently working on. Thanks to Derek Sivers for the inspiration.
  1. 👨‍⚕️ Oscar Health
    • By day, I work as an Operations Engineer at Oscar Health. Half strategy, half slinging code.
  2. ☕ Cadena Coffee
    • Nights & weekends, I'm working on growing Cadena Coffee.
    • We sell premium (micro-batch, single origin, Fair Trade Organic) coffee beans directly to consumers. We control the entire supply chain from the farmer to your door.
  3. 💪 Training
    • I've gotten back into a serious lifting routine for the first time since I've moved to NYC.
    • Goal: 1,250 lb club.
    • Current maxes — Bench: 315 lbs; Squat: 405 lbs; Deadlift: 465 lbs. Body weight: 210 lbs.
    • I also have started boxing. I'm only a few months in, but it's the best workout I've ever had.
  4. ✍️ Writing
    • Writing helps me clarify my thoughts and better understand the world. Check it out here.
  5. 📖 Reading
    • In 2020 I'm going for quality over quantity when it comes to books. I'm focused on reading many of the classics that I haven't yet read.
  6. 🏗️ Heads down building (not grabbing drinks)
    • My first year living in NYC, I was very social. I was new to the city and excited to experience the culture and meet new people.
    • Now, I'm spending the vast majority of my time on the above pursuits. I feel like I've 10x'ed my creative flow by setting up systems for productivity. As Jocko Willink says, discipline == freedom.